House Rules


This game runs once a month. If you know that you're not able to attend, please let the GM know so that she can write your character out of that session. (And if you have ideas for how to do so, please share.)

If bringing another person to the game, please give the GM 24 hours notice.


We're gaming in a private residence. Absolutely NO drug or alcohol use during the game, nor should gamers come intoxicated on any substance.


Project: Twilight is likely to be a game with mature themes, including scenes of a violent nature. If a storyline or theme makes you uncomfortable, please let the GM know. That said, we will balance drama with comedy, puzzles with action, etc. If you're a power gamer, this may not be the game for you.

Game Schedule

FIRST GAME: Saturday, August 20 @ 7 pm

Games will begin @ 7 pm on the third Saturday of each month, unless otherwise scheduled.

Join the Game

Sign up on Olympia Roleplayers at Meetup or email the GM at graeae AT